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Art Schroeder

Primary business is to identify and grow technologies that will be of extraordinary value to the energy industry into commercial enterprises by providing;
- Strategic guidance, business planning & management support,
- Operational support, organization development,
- Technology development; consulting and training
- Financial advice and access to seed and mid-stage growth capital and debt financing

Significant accomplishments;

  • Strategic consulting and technology development;
    • Business development & marketing work for a number of early stage companies covering a range of technologies. Strong emphasis on technology integration & commercialization through partnerships and strategic alliances.
    • Multiple contracts with DeepStar, an industry consortium of 50+ leading corporations - including Chevron, BP, Shell, etc. Results include, 'Value Engineering' study evaluating ultra-deepwater technology and development for a $10M+ RxD program, analysis and recommendations regarding US Energy Policy Act 2005, etc.
    • Multiple contracts with large producers in the areas of deepwater technology; facilities, reservoir, drilling, operations
    • Multiple contracts with Institut Français du Pétrole (IFP) in the areas of upstream technology
    • U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) Offshore Technology Roadmap, chaired Investor stakeholder group and participated in the overall development and Program rollout. Additional work in technology assessment and strategy development.
    • U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Office of Net Assessment - Offshore Energy Resources & Infrastructure
    • Bluewater Technology Program - Consortium focused on transferring technology developed by the US Navy to the offshore energy and maritime industry.

  • Affiliated and related company activities;
    • Tubelining Technology, Inc. - Board of Advisors; Technologies & services focused on remediation of
      pipelines and coiled tubing.
    • International Drawback Services, Inc. - Energy Vertical
      Web based, registered, US Customs duty drawback services company
    • Jaeco Technologies Inc.; Board of Advisors
      Chemical engineering technology with patents and IP covering mass transfer technology
    • The Energy Forum, LLC; Managing Director
      Conference company focusing on connecting leaders in the energy industry



Master of Business Administration — University of Houston
Major - Finance / Minor - International Business

Master of Science Chemical Engineering — Georgia Tech
Minor - Environmental Engineering (EPA Fellowship)

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering — Georgia Tech

Joint Enrollment Program — Georgia Tech

Enrichment Program (National Science Foundation scholarship) — Emory University

Graduate Level Certification, Program in eBusiness — University of Houston

eCommerce Professional, Certification Program — New Horizon



  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) (www.SPEGCS.org)
    Chairman of e-Commerce Study group (2001-2) Vice Chairman 2000-1
    Petroleum Leadership and Outlook Conference (PLOC), committee member 2001 & 2002
    Board member (Gulf Coast Section) 2002 - 6
    Long Range Planning committee member 2004
    Vice Treasurer 2004-5, Treasurer 2005-6
    Chair, Board of Financial Advisors 2004-6
  • Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)
    Program Board member 1989-06, Chairman, AIChE sub-Committee 1998-06
  • National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA)
    Technology Policy Committee; 2001-06
  • Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA)
    Offshore Committee, 2001-06
  • Houston Energy Council (HEC) (www.HoustonEnergyCouncil.org)
    Chair, Board of Directors 2004-06
    Board member 2003-05
  • Engineering, Science and Technology Council of Houston (ECH) (www.ECHHouston.org)
    President 2005-6, President elect; 2004-05
    Board member 2003-05
  • Sherwood Forest Homeowners Assoc.
    Chairman 1998-05, Vice Chairman 1996-97, Board member since 1992
  • Memorial Drive Esplanade Association
    Board member, 1998 -05


  • DeepStar (Industry consortium) - Integration Team member; technologies for the ultra deepwater energy industry
  • Energy Institute, University of Houston
    Program consultant 2000-1
  • U.S. Department of Energy, Deepwater Initiative
    Chairman of Investor group 2000
  • OSRL ($50M worldwide oil spill coop) Committee member 1991-4, Vice Chairman 1994-5,
    Chairman of Technical Advisory Committee 1996-7, past chairman & TAC member 1998
  • Petro Safe (world's largest safety & environmental exhibition & technical conference)
    Board member 1990-4, Conference and Program Board Chairman 1995
  • Energy Week (API and ASME sponsored technical conference)
    Director, Executive Board 1996-7
  • Clean Gulf (jointly sponsored by industry & regulatory agencies in La., Tx. Ms. Al.)
    Advisory board 1992-4 ; Session Chairman 1995-6
  • University of Houston, Executive Degree Alumni
    Board of Directors 1999-02
  • Georgia Tech, Alumni Association; Regional Board of Directors 2000-02


STRATEGIC PLANNING; eBusinessBP Amoco, 2000

Responsibilities: Identify / create opportunities to streamline, transform and grow Upstream businesses with application of 'new economy' web based tools and processes.
Organization: Working member of a 5-person 'Global Consultant' team.

Results: Conducted 6 workshop sessions around the globe with affiliates to a) inform, b) energize, and c) generate concepts / potential business solutions. Reviewed, vetted, prioritized global 'list of ideas' and built 'business case' justification for 5 concepts with significant cash flow - near term.


Responsibilities: Identified internal and external Y2K related risks for upstream - lower 48 organization, conducted over a dozen workshops within a 4 month period, managed development of contingency plans, then validate with multiple exercises. Built and ran 'day-of' war-room.
Organization: Network of 10 on-site coordinators to assist in development and implementation

Results: No major incidents; teams performed and contingency operations conducted as planned. Program was delivered on schedule within an atmosphere of tight budgets, transitional management and staffing.

CRISIS MANAGEMENTAmoco Corp., 1990-98

Responsibilities: Developed corporate program with enterprise-wide goals, implementation strategy, and multi-year work plan. Then developed and ran worldwide upstream program covering all risks; spill, explosion, security, natural disaster, and corporate image related issues.
Organization: 20 coordinators within affiliate organizations located around the globe.

Results: Created and ran program which received worldwide recognition; internally the 1996 Progress Award, 1998 the Chairman's Award, and externally from competitors, industry coalitions, cooperatives, government / regulatory agencies, and international organizations.


Responsibilities: Onshore Gulf Coast and domestic offshore construction (capital budget -averaging $50M/year). Accountability included all phases; project development, technology selection, engineering design, vendor/fabricator selection, construction, installation, start-up and post appraisal.

Organization: Supervised +/- 10 project managers + 10 experts, and indirectly hundreds of contractors

Results: Quality products + excellent safety record; on schedule and on / under budget. Recognized in several industry publications and forums as 'cutting edge' &' Best in Class' performer.

Selected training & consultancy projects:

Extensive experience in developing concepts, facilitating meetings / events, and communicating results in a direct, coherent and persuasive manner; effective with small intimate groups, larger teams, or auditoriums filled to capacity.

- directed / facilitated 100+ exercises in over 20+ countries
- 10+ Board presentation, 30+ conference presentations

  • Developed alliance between 2 Fortune 50 companies to share resources and build crisis management capability worldwide, culminating in a demonstration exercise in Egypt where equipment and people airlifted from Europe, the States, and Middle East. Participants included Egyptian Red Sea governor and American ambassador.
  • Designed, conducted, post-appraised Y2K contingency exercises in all major BP Amoco US field locations + Venezuela and UK
  • SONS (Spill of National Significance), Alaska
    Multi-day, multi-location, mobilization exercise with full government participation. Led a site control team and participated in exercise de-brief.
  • International Crisis Management Exercise, Amoco Corp, Belgium
    Multi-day, multi-location, full-scale exercise with mobilization and external participation
    - Member of site selection team
    - Led London based control cell
    - Contributed to Post-appraisal report and management review / follow-up sessions
  • Venezuela Oil Spill exercise, Caracas + field locations,
    Conducted hands-on equipment training + classroom sessions pre-exercise, led exercise control, then conducted post-appraisal session and generated follow-up report.
  • Columbia Crisis Management Exercise, Bogotá + field locations
    Conducted site risk assessment, assisted with plan development, conducted training, designed series of exercises to build confidence, then conducted multi-site limited exercise. Within 6 months assisted with response to actual incident - similar to exercise scenario.
  • Sharjah (UAE) Crisis Management Exercise, Sharjah + field locations
    Conducted site assessment, assisted with plan development, conducted training sessions, then led multi-site exercise. Within 12 months, assisted with response to an actual incident - similar to exercise scenario.
  • Amoco International Crisis Management Exercise, Amoco Corp, Argentina
    Multi-day, multi location, full-scale exercise with mobilization to site and external participation
    - Vetted worldwide risks, led the site selection team & conducted pre-exercise training
    - Coordinated site input to design team
    - Led Buenos Aires exercise control cell
    - Led Post-appraisal report and action follow-up team
  • Crisis Management Exercise, Mobil Corp
    Participated as controller and simulator in a series of exercises conducted in both field locations and worldwide headquarters.
  • Exercise Cornish Star, Falmouth, England Texaco
    Participated as controller and simulator. Led site de-brief and post-appraisal session
  • Controller / evaluator, Exercise Go- Forth, Edinburough, Scotland, BP
  • Evaluator for BP / Government exercise off the coast of Cape Town South Africa.
  • Part of management team that led joint industry / Tx Air Guard / USAF dispersant spray tests
  • Assisted Cornish (England) Town Counsel with building integrated response plans
  • Directed one of the 1st major emergency oil spill exercise with the Chinese government
  • Evaluator for joint French Navy / British government / Industry exercise
  • Designed and conducted exercise with Russian Air traffic Controllers and operator consortium to validate med-vac and other emergency response plans.
  • Developed an integrated assessment and response plan between operator consortium and Argentine Coast Guard
  • Participated as evaluator, controller and observer in numerous North Sea exercise conducted with host government countries of Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland, England, and France.


  • Crisis in Technology: New Business Models for a New Century
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley, and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference #17501, Houston, Tx. May 2005

  • Energy Leadership and Outlook
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference #17500, Houston Tx. May 2005

  • Digital Energy: The convergence of E&P, IT, and Communication Systems
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; John Allen - Vetco International; David Archer, POSC
    Offshore Technology Conference #17725, Houston, Tx. May 2005

  • Outsourcing: Navigating a Sea of Change
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference, Houston, Tx. May 2005

  • Digital Energy Beyond the hype and improving the bottom-line!
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference #17011, Houston, Tx. May 2004

  • Technology Commercialization
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference #16985, Houston, Tx. May 2004

  • Offshore Oil and Gas Technology Development: A Change in the State of the Art
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; under contract for the US DoE; Coastal Zone 2003 Conference;
    Baltimore, Maryland; June 13-17, 2003

  • Technology Commercialization; Trends and Strategies for Funding E&P Technology
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference, #15056 Houston, Tx. May 2003

  • Digital Energy; From Reservoir to Cash Register - the Convergence of the Oilfield & IT
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference, #15155 Houston, Tx. May 2003

  • Accelerating the Commercialization of Deepwater Technology; Global Overview
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference, #, H14336 Houston, Texas May 2002

  • eBusiness; Adding Value in the Upstream Energy Business
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference, #, H14337 Houston, Texas May 2002

  • Energy & the Environment - a Global View
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; and various contributors
    Offshore Technology Conference, #, H14335 Houston, Texas May 2002

  • International Offshore Partnership, Commercializing Offshore Technologies
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; & Emil Pena; Generation Power
    AAPG Annual meeting, Global Forum Luncheon Presentation; Houston, Texas 10 March 2002

  • Commercializing Deepwater Technologies, United States Energy Institute
    Art Schroeder, Energy Valley; & Emil Pena, Generation Power
    Interstate Oil & Gas Compact commission (IOGCC); 27 September, 2001; Oklahoma City, OK.

  • Enabling / Enhancing Technologies: Value-Ranking Process and Results;
    Art Schroeder, Herve de Nauois (TotalFinaElf), Arnaud Desalos (DeepStar)
    Offshore Technology Conference, #13089, Houston, Texas May 2001

  • eBusiness Energizes ExP; SPE eBusiness Conference
    15 February, 2001; Houston, Texas

  • Deepwater Technology, A New Path to Commercialization; Institute France de Petroleum,
    Panarama 2001; Paris, France February, 2001

  • U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Offshore Technology Roadmap
    Office of Fossil Fuels, November, 2000

  • Amoco Response Management System; Amoco Corporation & TMGI 1997
    ICS based response system for use through out Amoco worldwide

  • Field Operations Guide for Oil Spills, Amoco "A-Team"; collaborator, 1996

  • Promoting Oil Spill Preparedness in Egypt: Joint Government / Industry Exercise;
    International Oil Spill Conference, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 1997,

  • Marine Oil Spills; with Bob DeHart, Mobil Oil Corp. and Ron Barnett, Amoco.
    1st International Conference & Trade Fair on Environmental Management & Technologies; Cairo, Egypt, 1997

  • Emergency Management Self-Assessment Guidebook; Amoco Corporation, June 1995

  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
    Texas Safety Association, 57th Annual Conference; Ft. Worth, Tx.; 1996

  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
    12th Petroleum Exploration & Production Conference; Cairo, Egypt 1994,

  • Emergency Preparedness Planning, A Process To Insure Effectiveness and Efficiency
    PetroSafe, Houston, Tx., 1994;

  • Exercise Guidebook; Amoco Corporation & CRG, Inc, 1994

  • Emergency Response / Crisis Management Planning Guidebook; Amoco Corporation & CRG, Inc 1993

  • Salvaged Platforms Can Save You Money!
    Offshore Mechanics & Arctic Engineering Conference, Houston, Tx, 1990;

  • Innovative Strategies Reduce Gulf Fabrication Costs, in collaborated with Jeff Littleton
    Offshore, November 1989;

  • Midlife Crisis: Salvaging the Gulf
    Offshore Mechanics & Arctic Engineering Conference, Houston, Tx, 1989;

  • Studies of the Performance of Dehydration Systems Pay off
    Oil & Gas Journal, 18 September, 1978

  • Case Study of Optimizing Economic Performance of Dehydration Systems
    Gas Conditioning Conference, Norman OK, 1978;

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