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FlashFind® Access & Answers Anytime Anywhere

Where do you turn for fast answers when the unexpected occurs?

Every minute counts when information becomes mission critical – and it happens every day. The time lost searching for this information costs time, money and possibly lives.

We Have the Answers You’re Looking For. There’s a new and better way to:

Manage the mountains of data specific to each facility,

Reduce employee time spent searching for the right information,

Transform this information into actionable intelligence,

It’s called FlashFind®. And, it’s available today!

Your Rapid Retrieval Data Depository

FlashFind® gives companies immediate access to all the information you would ever want or need on every one of your facilities instantaneously from anywhere in the world.

Equipment manuals, maintenance records, operational guidelines, safety documentation and emergency procedures – mountains of information at management’s fingertips, all from a single, intuitive database. And, all accessible at a moments notice.

Discover the Difference

See what a difference FlashFind® can make. Tour the site to find out more about FlashFind®. Or, see a Live Demo right now!

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