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Revex Technologies, Inc.

Revex Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, builds, and markets packaged gas-liquid processing systems using the patented Revex™ Mass Transfer Unit (MTU). All equipment is delivered under a license, which grants the licensee rights necessary to use the technology under the RTI patents. In addition, other companies licensees are will be licensed to incorporate Revex™ MTU’s in complete systems for specific applications and to grant sublicenses for the use of those systems. Systems using the Revex™ MTU are available in various processing capacities, pressure/temperature ratings, and materials of construction. The high capacity, compact size, and efficiency of the units yield cost effective solutions to an extremely wide variety of applications across numerous industries.

The Revex™ MTU has exhibited remarkable capabilities as a contactor for gas-liquid process streams. The Revex™ MTU appears to have no equal in some applications and certainly in processing capacity relative to its size and weight. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office confirmed the uniqueness of the device by issuing the first two of the five patents now owned by Revex Technologies in less than one year from the filing dates.
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