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Energy Valley's success is closely linked to the support and services we obtain from organizations, societies, and companies with which we are affiliated.  These entities share our focus on energy and the entrepreneur and are dedicated to delivering high quality services.

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)
Energy Valley's founder, Art Schroeder currently serves on the Board of Directors as TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society) representative. Previously he served as the AIChE Chairman on the Program Committee and has actively been a member of the leadership team for over a decade.

OTC will expose over 60,000 managers, engineers, operators, scientists, and students to the latest advancements and discoveries in the offshore industry. It is the greatest possible setting for discovering new technologies, establishing international business relationships, enhancing business development, and discovering solutions to key issues in the offshore industry. Founded in 1969, the Offshore Technology Conference is the world's foremost event for the development of offshore resources in the fields of drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection.

Engineering, Science, and Technology Council of Houston (ECH)
Art Schroeder serves as the immediate past-president of ECH. The purpose of ECH is to promote math and science education, enhance opportunities for professional development and discussion, and to serve as a focal point for informing the public on engineering, science, and technical matters.

Houston Energy Council (HEC)

Art Schroeder serves as the current president. Formed in 1999, the HEC mission is to benefit the members of the associated professional societies within the Houston energy industry:

  • Sharing information

  • Promoting cross-disciplinary education and networking

  • Encouraging participation in each other's programs

  • Facilitating development of cooperative programs

National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA)
NOIA is the only national trade association representing all facets of the domestic offshore petroleum and related industries. Members include producers of crude oil and natural gas, contractors, oil field service companies and others with an interest in the process of exploring for and producing hydrocarbon energy resources from the nation's outer continental shelf in an environmentally responsible manner.

Art Schroeder serves on the Technology Policy Committee which focuses on policies related to the development, application and management of technologies supporting OCS exploration and production operations.  

Licensing Executives Society
Art Schroeder is a participating member of the Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. & Canada), Inc. whose members are engaged in the transfer, use, development, manufacture and marketing of intellectual Property. Many major companies, professional firms, and universities are represented within the Societyís membership.

The Main Objectives of the Society Are:
1) to encourage high standards and ethics among persons engaged in domestic and international licensing;
2) to hold meetings, seminars, and training courses for education and the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and information on licensing and intellectual property;
3) to assist members in improving their skills and techniques;
4) to inform the business community, public and governmental bodies of the economic significance and importance of licensing;
5) to monitor domestic and international changes in the law and the practice of licensing and protecting intellectual property;
6) to encourage the publication of article, reports, statistics, and other materials on licensing and protecting intellectual property.

American Association of Drilling Engineers
To provide the forum for the dissemination of practical drilling technology to those employed or interested in the drilling industry.

To be a leading forum for the dissemination and interchange of drilling practices and technology.

To promote professionalism and respect within the drilling industry, the community, and the environment in which it co-exists.

About AADE:
The American Association of Drilling Engineers was founded in New Orleans in 1978. Formation of the AADE was based on the fact that no existing organization was consistently providing technical exchange specifically for Drilling Engineers.

The early success and acceptance of this effort led to the expansion of AADE as chapters were formed in Lafayette, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Permian Basin & Bakersfield. National membership reached a high of over 2500 active members in 1992, and membership has remained steady despite the fluctuations experienced by the industry.

The AADE Houston Chapter membership for 1999/2000 was over 1600.

The AADE is an all volunteer organization made up of an affiliation of independent chapters licensed by the National Board.

The AADE has experienced continued growth in membership and reputation by focusing on its mission, vision and value statement

AADE offers a forum for the exchange of information, among its members and guests, specifically on drilling related topics. AADE chapters generally meet once a month where programs are presented by knowledgeable industry leaders in an informal luncheon or dinner environment.

AADE chapters also offer annual all-day forums to provide the opportunity for industry experts to present in depth coverage on current topics and latest technology.

AADE chapters publish a newsletter to keep members informed on activities and local drilling industry information.

Membership Qualifications:
AADE membership is open to anyone interested in the drilling industry. You are invited to be a part of a dynamic organization, to learn from and to share knowledge with the members of AADE throughout the world.


Rice Alliance
Energy Valley is pleased to be an active Sponsor of the Rice Alliance;
Mission; The Alliance is to coordinate a forum for exchange and collaboration among the management, engineering, and science communities as well as to develop and facilitate team-based approaches for the study and creation of new entrepreneurial business concepts, new jobs, and sources of wealth for Rice, Houston, and the U.S. economy.


Houston Technology Center
Houston, long revered as the energy capital of the world, earned this well-deserved title through its pro-business climate and strong, can-do entrepreneurial spirit. Today's challenge is to continue this spirit of accomplishment in the information age.

The Houston Technology Center (HTC) is doing just that by bringing together entrepreneurs, investors, existing businesses, and our talented professional workforce. Accelerating the interaction of these existing elements is helping Houston expand the critical mass needed to generate a new, vibrant economy in key areas such as Energy, Information Technology, Life Sciences and NASA-originated technologies


University of Houston Center for Entrepreneurism & Innovation
Located with the University of Houston, CEI's Mission Statement:
"To organize, expand and promote the knowledge and practice of Entrepreneurship."

Teach "Entrepreneurial" thought, process and methodology.
Expand the teaching of entrepreneurship within the College, other Universities, and other educational institutions.
Establish strong leadership for Entrepreneurship in our community.

Endow the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
Endow and Fill a Professorship Chair in Entrepreneurship.
Develop an Intrapreneurship Program.
Gain recognition locally and nationally for advancements in entrepreneurial education and the learning method we have developed.
Expand the importance of the Future 500 Awards Luncheon.
Develop revenue streams for the Center to remove the need for donations


Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
Energy Valley's founder, Art Schroeder recently completed service as a Board member and as Treasurer for the Gulf Coast Section. The sectionís annual budget exceeded $1.5M with over $100,000 going to scholarships. 

SPE's mission is to provide the means to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical information concerning the development of oil and gas resources, subsurface fluid flow, and production of other materials through wellbores for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities through its programs for interested (and qualified) individuals to maintain and upgrade their individual technical competence in these areas.


American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)
Energy Valley's founder Art Schroeder serves as Chairman of the AIChE committe for OTC.

AIChE - founded in 1908, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) is a nonprofit organization providing leadership to the chemical engineering profession. Representing 57,000 members in industry, academia, and government, AIChE provides forums to advance the theory and practice of the profession, upholds high professional standards and ethics, and supports excellence in education. Institute members range from undergraduate students, to entry-level engineers, to chief executive officers of major corporations.


Blue Water Technology Consortium
Located in the Woodlands, HARC is a not-for-profit, university linked research institute with over 100 principal investigators focused on the environment, energy, and emerging technologies. At HARC specialists from education, industry, and government conduct research, develop new models for the efficient transfer of technology to the marketplace, and increase awareness in the social and policy implications of science and technology.

These specialists pursue projects that can make significant contributions to science and mankind. The value of their work is shared though conferences, workshops, publications, and the development and commercialization of new technologies.

Energy Valley invites you to contact our affiliates and explore membership and / or partnership opportunities.